Saturday, September 28, 2013

Salvatierra : Álava (Euskadi)

Álava gradually lost the use of the Basque language with only some parishes in contact with Biscay keeping the old language as of today. The tiniest Basque province, Álava has always been a bit more opened to foreign influences because of the Ebro valley than other Basque areas.

  • Sample :

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  •  Analysis :

- Lepto type : triangle-shaped face, long convex nose, grey eyes are the most striking features. 


Those people look Basque. Some other people, still rather leptomorphic, are transitional with mainstream Spanish types as expected for this area : I found such people in La Rioja for instance.

- Brachy type : truly (male) brachy types are absent from this sample contrary to my Alavan sample in the Ebro valley. IMO, it clearly means the Ebro valley saw more mixing than in Salvatierra which retains obvious Basque pecularities.

  • Morphotypes :