Sunday, July 28, 2013

Manacor : Balearic Islands (Spain)

Manacor is the capital of Llevant (Catalan for "East"), a comarca on the east side of the Balearic island of Majorca.


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- Lepto type : long "horse-like" face, big convex nose, frequent light eyes, variable complexion.

To my eyes, this type is part of a East Pyrenean/Iberian variation quite dominant in Catalan-speaking areas as well as in neighbouring Aragon (where it gets transitional with West Pyrenean types).

I suppose those people could also be told to be Ligurian-looking as many North Italian types approach such people.



- Brachy type : rather puffy general features, little nose, narrow eyelids, distant eyes, variable complexion.

Those people remind me of mainstream Iberian types which are quite widespread in the peninsula. One has to notice that unsurprisingly enough, women fall in the brachy category.

Most of these people lack a decisive robust Catalan-looking character that brachy types in Catalonia possess (see my Catalan samples for an illustration) but rather remind me of people I identified in the Ebro valley (the "puffier" ones) : I dare state that the following people may illustrate a stronger Neolithic affinity in Balearic islands as proved by genetic data.

When using Dienekes' world 9 calculator, Balearic people's results are the following ones : one of the lowest scores for Atlantic/Baltic admixture (a proxy for aboriginal European) in Spain, a quite normal score for Southern admixture and one of the highest results for Caucasian admixture (a proxy for later Bronze Age migrations as far as I guess).



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