Sunday, January 20, 2013


As you may have noticed, activity has been very low on my various anthroblogs for some moment now.

Real life is the main cause : for those interested, after years of hesitation (maths, political science, civil service, law, ...) not taking my true passions to which I'm devoting much of my time into account (linguistics, architecture, my home region, ...), fate has decided I would be a lawyer.

Hopefully enough for my readers, I am currently unemployed which means I benefit from leisure time these days. : )

Another reason behind my blogs being somehow abandoned is that I have realized I find myself stuck into choices I made years ago. To sum up, I have long ceased to believe the antiquated terminology used in physical anthropology is that interesting : I used it as a way to appeal to the people. But the future belongs to genetics and indeed recent articles on my blogs deal with that issue through my own prism.

Still, I haven't lost my interest in human variation : I have many more samples to upload. To make my task easier though, I have devided to sack classifications the way I did it : no more Mediterranean or Atlanto-something stuff. Just faces, a quick description of how people may look (essentially brachy vs lepto, local features) and morphotypes if I'm still able to produce them (it takes hours and my sight is partially ruined !).

I don't have the courage to correct past entries. Some would need much reordering : I wrote things in which I don't believe anymore for instance. Comments may be used as a way to update the discussion though. We'll get to see ! Let's pray I don't find a job or a girlfriend, haha !