Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A side note on "Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans"

You might have read the newest article about the peopling of Europe.

New data has emerged : unsurprisingly enough, a Neolithic farmer from Stuttgart clusters with other Neolithic farmers (Otzi and so on) whereas a Mesolithic hunter-gatherer from modern-day Luxembourg clusters with La Braña samples in Iberia, from Mesolithic times as well.

Figure B

We now know that modern-day Europeans were born from the mixing of aboriginal hunter-gatherers and farmers coming from the Levant. The novelty of this article is that the authors believe a third layer is to be identified that they dub "Ancient North Eurasians" : the mixing may have appeared prior to the arrival of farmers.

I'm not competent enough on that issue to tell you whether they are right or not.I don't doubt ancient hunter-gatherers mixed with Siberians but I'm rather clueless about everything else.

What triggered my curiosity was the presence of a "French_South" sample popping for the first time in an official scientific study.

I checked in tthe supplementary information : that sample is made of 7 individuals (Lat : 43.4 Long : -0.6) and the source is : David Comas. Well, that's Béarn for you, my home area.

It explains the ADMIXTURE results quite well and why those "southern French" individuals appear to be so similar to Basque people (lacking in the yellow component at its maximum in the Caucasus). I believe dubbing such specific sample "French_South" is thus quite misleading.


I've chosen to let people comment freely on my posts. Nevertheless, you'll lose your time taunting me and calling me a fascist (which I'm really not) : I pray you to read my introduction which will reassure that my intentions genuinely aim at achieving amateurish knowledge. I understand that you may not share my passion for the history of the peopling of the World, just don't let me know as clear conscience gained by bashing a humble documentary work is useless.