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Catania : Sicily (Italy)

Catania is located on the east coast of Sicily, at the foot of the Mount Etna.

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- Lepto type : long face, big convex nose, frequent light eyes, variable complexion.

As opposed to Calabria on the other side of the strait, leptomorphic types are rather dominant, at least amongst males. Some people show strong East Mediterranean phenotypical tendencies which are probably to be linked with the fact Sicily is where the "non-European" genetic imput is at its best (by "European", I mean the Atlantic component, the aboriginal genetic variation of ancient hunter-gatherers).

On Dienekes' globe10 calculator, Sicilians score : 27.7% West Asian, 33% Southern, 37.6% Atlantic.

- Brachy type : puffy general features, large nose, narrow eyelids, dark hair.

Some individuals may appear somehow exotic within the European context though nothing dramatic as far as South Italy is concerned. Still I dare say the stronger Eastern genetic imput detected amongst Sicilians can be associated with phenotypical trends.

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  1. They are very diverse bunch IMO. My best guess classification:

    1. Western Brachy type (like Kepa Junkera, Alpinid?): A1
    2. Atlanto-Med: A2, A5, A6*, A7, B1, B2, B3, C7, C8 (looking similar to peoples in Iberia or other parts of Western or Southern Europe)
    3. (Pseudo-?)Dinarid: A8, C6 (this type is also found elsewhere in SW Europe)
    4. Nordid (senso lato): B4, B6, D5
    5. Ultra-Mediterranean: B5, C2, C3, D1 (Moorish-looking, various subtypes)
    6. Italian-specific types: B8, C4, D3, D4 (probably they could be clasified as Dinarid, Atlanto-Med or something like that but they are very Italian-specific IMO).

    Unclear: A3, B7, C1, C5, D2, D6, D7, D8. These seem mostly either Nordid+Med mixes or Atlanto-Med+Ultra-Med mixes.

    * A6 looks a bit Basque-like but also like Robert de Niro, who is of course of Sicilian ancestry.

  2. Here's what I would say:

    1. North African-looking Berid/Berberid-Med combinations: A3, B3, B5, B7, C2, C3, C5, D1, D3, D7, D8 -- similar looking people can also be found in Malta.

    2. East Meds: A8, B1, B2, D5, D6

    3. Central European Alpine types: A1, A7

    4. Levantine influenced, something of a Jewish vibe: C1, D2, D4

    5. Atlanto-Meds: A2, A4, A5, A6, C6

    6. Nordo-Meds: B4, B6, C8

    7. Ambiguous: B8, C4, C7

    Overall I'd say this is an exotic sample from a European perspective and most do not look Greek despite eastern Sicily being heavily of ancient Greek ancestry. Rather, most in this sample to me appear to be a mixture of Med and a North African Cromagnid type of influence.

  3. I am a Sicilian-American and have lived amongst Sicilians all my life and have been to Sicily many times. The faces that you identified as "Sicilians" are for the most part not "Sicilian" faces. You pick the ugliest people and none other. This is an old trick by Nordic racists to deliberately portray Southern Europeans as some sort of ugly polluted race. Sicilians vary so much that an Indian friend told me after visiting Sicily that you can not tell one from the other. There are blond, blued eyed Nordic types, Arabic looking people and yes a few seem to have Sub-Saharan ancestry- but are then native Sicilians or immigrants, which Sicily has a large number. We Sicilians are proud of our "racial" diversity for it made us what we are and gave our unique culture, history, cuisine, music and intellect. Sicily at one time was the center of world of science , art and education. People fall in love with Sicily and its people and marvel at all it has to offer.

  4. I believe that some of the male Brachy samples are still dolicoid. They still exibit broad features and possibly a broad jaw

    Older man with glasses has a distinct Southern look. Coul pass for N African

  5. Ps iam another Anonymous not the Scilian american guy with a complex....sono un italiano vero :-)

  6. Wtf!!!!people of Catania don't look like them.

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