Tuesday, February 19, 2013

La Gomera : Canary Islands (Spain)

According to a 2011 study, autochtonous Guanche autosomal ancestry is at its highest in La Gomera, circa 40%.

  • Sample :

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  • Brief anthropological analyzis :

- Brachy type : some individuals may show Berber features but all in all those people look Andalusian (wide-spaced sloping and rather chinky eyes, short and sometimes broad nose, well-defined mouth area, ...)

- Lepto type : once more some individuals may show Berber features but all in all those people look Andalusian within a pan-Iberian variation (narrow "horsy" face, long and straight nose yet somehow large, a rather broad jaw, close-set eyes, ...)

  • Final morphotypes :


  1. I thought you were going to shift to genetics, ahem...

    Anyhow it seems rather obvious to me that Iberian blood is quite dominant even in La Gomera. Only a few people I'd dare say that look somewhat North African, the most striking one being D6, who reminds to some peoples of Southern Morocco who sometimes have vaguely Khoisanid or Mongoloid looks. I'm surprised you did not single her out because she does look strikingly distinct.

  2. I fear I'm back to my old antics ! I just don't know how to make this blog evoluate so in the meantime, I upload new samples ...

    I agree that Iberian blood seems to be dominant. I cannot see any striking North African affinities except maybe with some coastal Algerian types (Oran for instance) but I had found them Iberian-looking in the first place !

  3. Atlantic facade lol

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