Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carnia : Friuli (Italy)

Carnia is located south of the main chain of the Carnic Alps, in the northwest of the Udine province.

  •  Sample :

Full size

  • Analyzis :

- Brachy type : the following individuals are part of a classical North Italian variation, many of them do exhibit blondism and sharp features.

Another series :

- Lepto type : pan-North Italian (sharp features, light features).

  • Morphotypes :


  1. Some have a clear Dinaric or Balcanic looking especially in the "lepto" (longfaced) variant (the three women notably), deep set eyes horizontal prominence towards the center of the face (nose, chin). Others, more in the "brachy" (roundfaced) type possibly, have a Central-North European leaning.

    I fail to see any marker Basque or Iberian affinity although many individuals are ambiguous enough to be from almost anywhere in Europe. Maybe the most "Basque-looking", if any at all, is B4.

  2. They look very "central Europe", a few coule pass easely fort Austrian or Germain swiss. Post of them looks Croate or Slovènes...

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