Monday, May 28, 2012

My Oracle results (Population Sharing)

I'll come back soon with new samples when I get time to upload them. For the moment, just a tiny gadget one can find on GEDmatch. The results obtained are rather interesting as it gives sharing distances with many populations plus it creates "ghosts" made of two populations which constitute a basic approximation of one's genomic characteristics.

The various algorithms don't possess the same populations, I used two of Dienekes' calculators : K12b and World9. Here are my results : check here to know about my Gascon/Pyrenean background.

- Oracle "Dienekes' K12b calculator" :

- Oracle "Dienekes' World9 calculator" :

- Comments :

1. Single Population Sharing :

The comparison of both results clearly proves something I had long anticipated : the French Basque sample from HGDP, the one used in most studies found on the Internet (including 23andme I believe), is pretty specific, quite aberrant actually and might be very inbred or quite isolated. The second study, with another French Basque sample, shows results one can expect : the French Basques are my second best match (with a distance of 2.87) after the Spanish Basques (at 2.53 : the difference is negligible).

Other results are pretty consistent : after the Basques, I share most with Aragonese people then Cantabrians. There is nothing strange about me - a Pyrenean Gascon guy - sharing high with (High) Aragonese people who are our neighbours and with whom we share the same "Vasconic" history. 

Cantabrians are more of a surprise : I had come to accept that they had long ceased to share the destiny of "Vasconian" people and some genetic results seemed to show they were more akin to people from Western Iberia (Galicia, North Portugal, ...). My anthropological amateurish research also had made me believe they were strandard Iberian-looking phycally wise, not that Basque-looking. Add that their "Celtic" substrate has long been over-emphasized. It looks like things are blurrier.

And then the usual populations : Catalan people (with whom Gascon people might share an ancient history as far as Y-DNA studies are concerned : quite probably Catalan people were then subject to subsequent migrations which differentiated them hence Iberian which appears to be a Basque-based pidgin) then other Iberians and the French ("French" is a stupid category : it doesn't mean anything, we really lack regional studies in the "Hexagone").

2. Mixed Mode Population Sharing :

The "ghosts" created by the first analyzis are rather interesting. They confirm that the French Basque sample from HGDP is very specific as I'm only about 60% French Basque (and 40% French) when compared to them (as I appeared on charts on 23andme). On the contrary, I'm about 87% "Spanish Basque" (the remainder being generally a far-away population which hints to the fact the algorithm doesn't really know what to do with what remains of my genetic variation). Other interesting ghosts is that I could be analyzed as being 63% French Basque and 37% Catalan which is quite on par with where I was born.

The "ghosts" created by the second calculator (with many global populations) are less interesting but maybe more accurate in a West Eurasian context : I happen to be mostly a Basque (either from Iberia or France) with greater admixture from the Levant (to whom the Kalash people are a proxy).

In all cases, I believe I may be differentiated from Basque people by the fact we, Béarnais people, may have received more influences from Neolithic migrations but not that much actually.