Thursday, April 19, 2012

Franciacorta : Lombardy (Italy)

Franciacorta extends from Mount Orfano (south of Rovato) on the southest area to the shores of Lake Iseo, and from the river Oglio on the western border to the town of Cellatica in the east.

The area has been inhabited since Paleolithic times, with archaeological records left by Gauls— the Cenomani of Brixia (modern Brescia), Romans and Lombards. The name Franciacorta, attested in 1277, is thought to derive from curtes francae, the fortified courts of the Frankish empire established in the 8th century.

Dark blue area

  • Sample :

Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Intermediate complexion, leptomorphic, narrow face, long and straight high-rooted nose that can get convex, close set eyes, large jaw, pointy chin
~ (Dinaromorphic) Nordo-Mediterranean

Unsurprisingly enough, the area exhibits more or less leptomorphic types which are pretty North Italian-looking (light eyes and hair, more or less convex nose, ...). Another darker series is more pan-Italian though facial length on women is a common trait in North Italy.

- Type 2 : Intermediate complexion, brachymorphic, square-box face, little low-rooted nose that can get snub-tipped, wide set eyes
~ Alpinoid

Brachymorphic types complete the usual North Italian panorama. Individuals showing very "ethnic" local features such as frizzy blonde hair, a big nose, light eyes can be found.

  • Final morphotypes :


  1. Good representative selection

  2. Any chance of doing Viterbo province,heart of the old Etruscan territory?

  3. I can do it if needed but I don't make "provincia"-based samples anymore : they're not local enough to my tastes. If you tell me how to define a relevant geographic or historical subregion within the province of Viterbo, I'll produce a sample within days, whenever I find time.

  4. What about the area of Tarquinia (near Viterbo)the founding city of Etruria, according to legend.

  5. I am Italian..real familiar faces!


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