Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vigo : Galicia (Spain)

Galicia, northern Portugal, Asturias, western León, and Zamora formed a single megalithic area since the Neolithic and Chalcolithic (also called Copper Age) Ages, around 4500–1500 BCE. Historians believe that Megalithic culture had two sources: an oriental source that was predominant in the Mediterranean area, and one in the Atlantic, which originated north of the Tagus River. The latter, because of its geographical proximity to Galicia, would explain the abundant traces of megalithic culture in this area. That this should be the first great culture also meant that it constituted one of the basic pillars that was to endow Galicia's cultural personality.

At the end of the Iron Age, people from northwestern Iberian Peninsula conformed already a homogeneous cultural unity which differentiated themselves from others and which later would be identified by the early Greek and Latin Authors, calling to this group of peoples with the name of Gallaeci (Galicians).

  • Sample :

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  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Dark complexion, leptomorphic, gracile general features, narrow "horsy" face, long and narrow nose, high cheekbones, a rather broad jaw, close-set eyes (rather light on average), rather narrow eyelids
~ Nordo-Mediterranoid

This type - amusingly said to be "horsy" - is very Portuguese-looking and confirms the historical links between Galicia and what would become Portugal. The very label under which I classified is not that important : metrics are "Nordo-Mediterranean" ; as for "Atlantic" -which I omited this time - it's just a convenient way to emphasize on vague secondary features rather proper to Western Europe. Larger-faced - nearly square-faced - variants are found as well : such types are noted for very angular features frequently found amongst Portuguese people as well (mostly women).

- Type 2 : Dark complexion (dark hair but rather pale skin), brachymorphic, broad face, round features, short and broad nose, wide-set eyes, wide-spaced sloping and rather chinky eyes
~ Alpinoid

This type is abundantly found in Portuguese and adjacent NW Spanish areas : some individuals would fit a "Berid" definition (wide-spaced sloping eyes, a short broad nose and thick browridges).

  • Final morphotypes :


  1. Oh my GUN, this is a MONSTER PARADE!


  2. I love how galicians don't give a shit about those biased classifications.
    Portuguese-looking? Pfff...

  3. Yes, these people clearly show strong affinities with people from Portugal which is corroborated by history, linguistics and genetic tests (Galicians clustering with Portuguese people on most recent studies). Do Galicians look Catalan ? Basque ? No they don't. I don't know where the problem is.


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