Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[Dodecad Ancestry Project] Update : K=64 for Dodecad Project members

As a prelude, for those reading my weblogs, don't worry, I just don't have much time to upload them. Still I've got tons of samples waiting for being updated.

Just a piece of news then : Dienekes updated his Dodecad project with a K=64 analysis. This time I was included : I'm DOD133.

Clusters Galore results, K=64 for Dodecad Project members (up to DOD307)

Unfortunately enough, Dienekes' privacy policy doesn't allow an easy identification of project members . Browse this topic for more info on participants. The results show that :

- Iberians cluster together at K=22 along with 3 North Italians and 5 Frenchmen. The 15 Dodecad project members can more or less all be identified.
- The French Basques define their own cluster at K=38.
- Rather interestingly, I define my own cluster at K=22 : to be more precise I'm joined by another Frenchman from the Lyons sample who must be that dot with Basque tendencies used by most companies and amateur geneticists (Dienekes, Polako, 23andme, ...). One can fairly deduce that this man from Lyons is either Gascon or a recent mix of Basque ancestry and a more mainstream French one (which might give similar results). Which is another proof that this Lyons sample should not be used without further data about who sampled individuals are.

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