Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vâlcea : Wallachia (Romania)

The area has been inhabited since Dacian and Roman times, and was the site of a castrum. A new fortress was built on the location during the Middle Ages.

The Dacians, situated north of the lower Danube in the area of the Carpathians and Transylvania, are the earliest named people from the present territory of Romania. They are first mentioned in the writings of Ancient Greeks, in Herodotus (Histories Book IV XCIII - "[Getae] the noblest as well as the most just of all the Thracian tribes").

Wallachia (yellow)

  • Sample :
Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Dark complexion, brachymorphic, large head, little and sometimes distanced oblique eyes, low orbits, broad nose, weak browridges, large jaw
~ Alpinoid/Gorid

This type is specific to Eastern Europe transcending modern ethno-linguistic borders. A rather Romanian-looking variant is characterized by a convex nose.

- Type 2 : Intermediate complexion, more or less leptomorphic, probably brachymorphic, narrow eyes, long and narrow straight nose, high forehead, large jaw, double chin
~ Dinarid

Such types are actually quite rare in this area. Conversely, one can find more classical "nose-less" Mediterranoid individuals which look like more leptomorphic variants of individuals from Type 1.

  • Final morphotypes :

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