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Clare : Munster (Ireland)

There was a Neolithic civilisation in the Clare area — the name of the peoples is unknown, but the Prehistoric peoples left evidence behind in the form of ancient dolmen; single-chamber megalithic tombs, usually consisting of three or more upright stones. Clare is one of the richest places for these tombs in Ireland, the most noted is in The Burren area, it is known as Poulnabrone dolmen which translates as the hole of sorrows. The remains of the people inside the tomb have been excavated and dated to 3800 BC.

Within his map Ptolemy names the Gaelic tribes inhabiting it and the areas in which they resided; in the area of Clare he identified a tribe known as the Gangani. Historians have found the tribes on the west of Ireland hardest to identify with known peoples, however Camden and O'Conor speculated a possible connection between the Gangani and the Concani, one of the eleven tribes in the confederacy of the Cantabri in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula.

  • Sample :

Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Light complexion (pinky undertones, light blue eyes, blonde hair, ...), leptomorphic, long and convex nose rather parallel to the face, high cheekbones, close-set eyes, rather angular and pointy chin, large jaw
~ Dinaricized Atlantid aka "Keltic Nordic"

This type constitutes a basic "Celtic" insular phenotype : it is not as prevailing as in other Irish counties. Let's add that people belonging to that type are somehow darker on average as well. People from County Clare rather belong to a less leptoprosopic variant (read : larger-faced).

Eventually, some "Atlantid" individuals do show some strong Irish features that are also common on people belonging to Type 2 : defined lines around the oral cavity, a large nose, a deep and clefted lower jaw.

- Type 2 : Intermediate complexion (light skin, light eyes, ...), brachymorphic (yet probably mesocephalic), chubby features, rather low-rooted and little broad nose that can get convex, wide forehead, large and strong jaws, prominent chin, wide-set eyes
~ Brünn

Many individuals do exhibit a typical Irish flavour as well : defined lines around the oral cavity, a large nose, a deep lower jaw, a high forehead, that could be found on individuals belonging to Type 1 which really makes me wonder whether or not classification is that interesting as ethnic traits can be found on all types of individuals.

  • Final morphotypes :


  1. Je vous suis reconnaissant d’avoir posté cet échantillon que j’avais demandé. On est loin ici du réseau insistant et assez serré de relations avec le Bas-Poitou constaté avec Mayo. J’y reviendrai sans doute ultérieurement.

    Quelques détails de classification :

    D7 est à mon avis plutôt atlantide, avec composante Brünn secondaire :

    - visage assez triangulaire
    - yeux rapprochés
    - oreilles
    - nez certes court, mais fin et sans concavité

    C5 et D1 doivent être mi-atlantides, mi-Brünn

    B6 est sans doute plutôt Brünn. En tout cas, c'est un type assez "nordique".

    My two cents.


  2. B6 woman ,I mean the red-haired woman with blue-gray eyes and fair skin, she is not atlantid , anything mediterranean in she, looks very nordic. This woman is very interesting, because I think it is the original dolichocephalic Irish Brunn, without alpinoid.


  3. In the type 1 all looks more mediterranean than keltic nordid . I think that are mostly mediterraneans with a few keltic nordid influence, .. They must be a mix of keltic nordid and mediterranean. But no keltic nordid only..

  4. The woman of the paragraph : Eventually, some "Atlantid" is brunn y nordid , nothing mediterranean..

  5. In the type 2 the first man is alpine , the 3 and 4 are mediterraneans and alpine, nothing brunn..

    Only the first and second woman are brunn , the third woman have mediterranean influences


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