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Cheshire : NW England (England)

The History of Cheshire can be traced back to primitive tools that date to the Hoxnian Interglacial, between 380.000BC and 400.000BC. Stone Age archeology has been found showing more permanent habitation during the Neolithic period, and by the Iron Age the area is known to have been occupied by Celtic Cornovii tribe.

The Romans occupied Cheshire for almost 400 years, from 70AD, and created the town and fort of Deva Victrix, now Chester. After the Romans withdrew, Cheshire formed part of Mercia, a Saxon kingdom, that saw invasions from the Welsh and Danes.

  • Sample :
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  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Light complexion (pinky undertones, light blue eyes, blonde hair, ...), leptomorphic, long and convex nose rather parallel to the face, high cheekbones, close-set eyes, rather angular and pointy chin, large jaw
~ Dinaricized Atlantid aka "Keltic Nordic"

This type constitutes a basic "Celtic" insular phenotype. Contrary to neighbouring Shropshire, darker individuals are quite rare in this sample.

- Type 2 :
Intermediate complexion (light skin, light eyes, reddish undertones, ...), brachymorphic, chubby features, rather low-rooted and little broad nose that can get convex, wide forehead, large and strong jaws, prominent chin, wide-set eyes
~ Alpinoid/Brünn

This is the most typical British phenotype which is widespread throughout the whole islands. As usual, women may show classical "Celtic" dinaromorphism. Let's note that this phenotype is quite abundant in this area in contrast with English counties neighbouring Wales where Keltic-Nordid types were in majority.

Darker individuals are eventually found that exhibit common features such as little noses that can get snub-tipped, rather chinky eyes, ... Leptmorphic individuals link this type with darker individuals classified under the first section.

  • Final morphotypes :

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  1. "Contrary to neighbouring Shropshire, darker individuals are quite rare in this sample".

    Definitively, man! My stomach is still trying to recover from the surrealist (to say the least) Lithuanian parade of blond chicks against the crisis, in pink clothes and high heels (ouch!), and this sample doesn't really help at all.

    Still both samples look very much archetypally Briton, though the Shropshire gang has, IMO, more individuals in the "normal range" (highly subjective, of course).

    BI=0. Shropshire might have a few "Vascoid" types instead but maybe is more just a Southwestern trend in general.


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