Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vicenza : Veneto (Italy)

Vicentia (modern Vicenza) was settled by the Italic Euganei tribe and then by the Paleo-Veneti tribe in the third and second centuries BCE as the former were allegedly driven by the Adriatic Veneti to an area between the river Adige and Lake Como. The city had some importance as a way-station on the important road from Mediolanum (Milan) to Aquileia, near Tergeste (Trieste), but it was overshadowed by its neighbor Patavium (Padua).

  • Sample :
Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Dark complexion, dark eyes, leptomorphic, narrow face, long and straight high-rooted nose that can get convex, close set eyes, large jaw, pointy chin
~ Dinaromorphic (Nordo-)Mediterraneans

This is the quintessential pan-Italian phenotype. Lighter types are more specific from North Italy.

- Type 2 : Intermediate complexion, brachymorphic, round face, little low-rooted nose that can get snub-tipped, wide set eyes
~ Alpinoid

Eventually, more robust and lighter types are found showing affinities with Alpine areas.

  • Final morphotypes :

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