Monday, March 8, 2010

Trieste : Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)

The area of what is now Trieste was settled by the Carni, an Indo-European tribe (hence the name Carnia) in about the 3rd millennium BC. Subsequently the area was populated by the Histri, an Illyrian people, who remained the main civilization until the 2000 BC, when the Veneti arrived.

The name Tergeste derived from the Venetic trg and este; Tergeste was defined an "Illyrian city" by Artemidorus of Ephesus, a Greek geographer, and "Carnic" by Strabo. The particular Friulian dialect, called Tergestino, spoken until the beginning of the 20th century, was gradually overcome by the Triestine (the local variant partially similar of the Venetian dialect) and other languages, including German grammar, and standard Slovene and Italian languages. An estimated 21% of the province's population belong to the Slovene linguistic community.

  • Sample :
Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 :
Light complexion (blonde hair, green eyes, ...), leptomorphic, arched nose, large jaw, pointy chin, close-set eyes
~ Nordo-Dinarid

A classical North Italian phenotype (even though some individuals might actually match neighbouring Slovenian variability), it is traditionally accompanied by a darker variant (Dinaro-Mediterranoid) which is the quintessential pan-Italian phenotype.

- Type 2 : Intermediate complexion (from medium dark to blonde hair, ...), brachymorphic, little and narrow straight nose, square-box face, broad forehead, rather wide-set eyes
~ Alpinoid/Subnordid

A broad category for people whose appearance might be caused by Slovenian imput even though such phenotypes are not uncommon in Veneto, albeit more dinaricized and less "smooth" whatever that means. Some individuals are even more original : a puffy turned-up nose, distanced and large eyes, a well-defined oral cavity, puffy general features.

  • Final morphotypes :


  1. Dunno what to say but number 8 of first row is almost identical to my mother when young (slightly more angulous face but otherwise a "clone", even almost the same laugh - but larger teeth this one, more British-like). Maybe the angulosity of the face can make her to be "dinaric" while I'd say my mum is more like Nordo-Alpinid (though she's half Italian, half Iberian, various origins).

    Overall to me they vary between a lot of visual "identities": this one looks Briton, the next one Swede, then she looks from Lebanon and this other one could be even Basque if you push it a bit. I'd say that Med types dominate clearly (some Iberian affinity but not much) but some look from the North instead (specially a two or three British looking ones).

    Some guys look very archetypally Italian: B2, C3 and D1 (C3 is archetypally Etruscan, almost taken from a marble statue, including smile and beard, IMO). These are precisely some of the less Iberian looking.

    My Basque Index goes moderate: 4. British index: 4 (different ones). Iberian index maybe 4 too. No one looks particularly Balcanic to me.

  2. Maju says Med types predominate but classical Meds are long-headed while most of these people are broad-headed.

  3. Or else too light-coloured to be typically "Med".


  4. There are like 25 or more rather narrow faced people who look Med (and in a few cases blond Med = Nord).

    There are like just three broad-faced indivdiuals: A1 (some sort of Celtic looking "Alpine" for me), A3 (West Baltid) and C1 (undefined Alpino-Med).

    You could argue that B4, B8 and C7 are "broad-faced" but they are not clear cases at all.

  5. I did not say broad-FACED.
    Trieste has a brachycephalic mean cephalic index according to Biasutti and Livi which excludes a strong Med presence there.


  6. Maybe, but that is very difficult to measure on frontal pictures.

  7. Cheers.

    Must be a good selection as they have a distinct ''venetian'' look.


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  9. Nous sommes ici clairement dans la continuité de l Europe centrale, ....mais avec une influence méditerranéenne. Trieste est a la fois la porte d entrée de l europe centrale et le port le plus septentrional de la méditerranée. Donc cela se traduit sur ces visages a la fois slaves, latins et nordiques.


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