Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Korçë (Albania)

Neolithic remains have been found indicating occupation of the site from 4000 BC onwards. The Copper Age lasted from 3000 BC to 2100 BC, and was followed by the Bronze Age. Korce was on the border between Illyria and Epirus and was inhabited by Illyrians but they were replaced by Chaonian tribes.

Greek and Slavo-Macedonian (non-sampled) people have had a traditional presence in the area (see map of ethnic minorities in Albania).

  • Sample :
Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Intermediate complexion (pale skin color, grey/green eyes, chestnut hair, ...), leptomorphic, long face, probably brachycephalic, narrow eyes, long and narrow arched nose, rather receding forehead, lop ears, pointy chin
~ Dinarid

This type is most common in the Balkans, especially in the region of former Yugoslavia and parts of Romania. It might constitute a basic "Illyrian" phenotype. Women - leaning towards type 2 - can be shorter-faced, darker and somehow more gracile.

Conversely, men can be more robust (large face, large jaw, ....) :

Type 2 : Intermediate complexion (pale skin color but abundant black hair, ...), brachymorphic, large head, gracile general features, little and sometimes distanced oblique eyes, low orbits, low-rooted and little nose, weak browridges, large jaw
~ Alpinoid/Gorid

This type is mostly associated with Eastern Europe. Lighter male individuals are found :

  • Final morphotypes :


  1. For me, breaking the molds again, there are two types: Eastern Mediterraneans (long-faced with high rooted "Greek" noses) and "Balcanoids" (robust square-faced with Baltid or Cromaginid tendencies). Some individuals of course don't fit well (some West Med looking individuals, some intermediate ones, one who looks subnordid of "Russian" type...).

    This area of SE Albania belonged to the Sesklo-derived Balcanic Neolithic area. Instead the coast belonged to the Cardium Pottery area, along with Montenegro, Dalmatia and most of Bosnia. This may be important to take in account, specially as most of the Balcans show no or very limited signs of Paleolithic inhabitation.

  2. Heraus is right. Most Albanians are brachycephalic, Dinarid or Alpine.

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  3. Korca area is most darkest complex in features on Albanians ethnic (including Kosovo,Montenegro,Fyrom and Serbia)


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