Sunday, February 21, 2010

Arezzo : Tuscany (Italy)

The origins of the Etruscans are lost in prehistory. The main hypotheses are that they are indigenous, probably stemming from the Villanovan culture (an earliest Iron Age culture of central and northern Italy, abruptly following the Bronze Age Terramare culture), or that they are the result of invasion from the north or the Near East. Etruscan expansion was focused both to the north beyond the Apennines and into Campania.

Described by Livy as one of the Capitae Etruriae (Etruscan capitals), Arezzo is believed to have been one of the twelve most important Etruscan cities—the so-called Dodecapolis. Etruscan remains establish that the acropolis of San Cornelio, a small hill next to that of San Donatus, was occupied and fortified in the Etruscan period.

  • Sample :
Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Dark complexion, dark eyes, leptomorphic, narrow face, long and straight high-rooted nose that can get convex, close set eyes, large jaw, pointy chin
~ Dinaromorphic Mediterraneans

Once more, we get to identify this pan-Italian phenotype. In Arezzo though just like in Florence, depigmented female variants are to be found which strikingly contrast with the absence of male "Nordoid" counterparts. As already conjectured elsewhere in Tuscany, sexual dimorphism seems to be a reality in this area.

- Type 2 : Intermediate complexion (from brown to aqua-blue eyes, ...), brachymorphic, round face, chubby features, little straight nose, a large jaw on females, rather close-set eyes
~ Alpino(-Mediterranean)

Once more, women appear to be more robust than males. This series is completed by another one exhibiting strange secondary traits : very large face and jaw, a broad yet straight nose, dark features, narrow eyelids which confer individuals a "mestizo" look, ... Those extreme phenotypes are quite common in Tuscany and undoubtedly divide North Italy from Central Italy.

  • Final morphotypes :


  1. Great work again but, as your final male morph shows, Alpines rather than Alpine-Meds are the norm here.

  2. I bet you will find Lucca, Pisa and Livorno to be different from Florence, Siena and Arezzo within Tuscany.


  3. Any chance of Emilian provinces like Modena or Bologna?

    Mad Po Valley

  4. Tuscany has had a massive internal immigration from S.Italy and partly from Sardinia, not different from Liguria and other parts of North Italy hence many of the people with a Campanian look may really have roots from Campania.
    The last woman with eyeglasses looks admixed though IMO.

  5. I doubt there is a sharp divide between North Italy and Tuscany as the last genetic studies confirms.

    Those extreme types aren't common at all in Tuscany btw, granted that they are fully tuscan of course.


  6. Great work? These are not Tuscans for sure. They are not even fully Italians!


  7. If you want to see how Tuscans really look, take a look at this blog, the pics are based on famous people from Tuscany, not taken from random Facebook people of uncertain origin


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