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Pontevedra : Galicia (Spain)

The Romans gave the name Gallaecia to the northwest part of the Iberian peninsula after the Gallaeci (Greek Kallaikoi). These Gallaeci lived in the Douro Valley with center in Cale in the area that would become the Roman town of Portus Calle, today's Porto.

Historians and archaeologists tend to agree that the initial settlement was probably formed during the integration of Gallaecia into the Roman Empire (circa 1st century BC). The name of the city is eminently Latin, derived from Pons/Pontis (bridge) and Veteris/Vetera (old), hence Ponte(m)Vetera(m), "the old bridge", in reference to the old Roman bridge across Lérez River (still standing). Well communicated even since Roman times, Pontevedra consolidated itself as an intermediate town during the Suebic dynasty (circa 5th-6th century AD).

  • Sample :
Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Intermediate complexion, leptomorphic, triangular - somehow "horsy" - face, long and narrow nose, large jaw, close-set eyes that can get light
~ Dinaricized Atlantid/Atlanto-Med

This is the quintessential Iberian type which is quite widespread throughout the whole Peninsula. Green-blue eyes and a very narrow nose on some individuals were features that were already identified in North Portugal.

A lighter series within Atlantid variability with reddish undertones :

- Type 2 :
Dark hair, pale skin, brachymorphic, broad face, round features, thick browridges, relative long and straight nose, wide-spaced sloping eyes, from dark to light eyes ("green-blue")
~ Alpinoid

This type could represent a Pan-Portuguese phenotype. Furthermore, puffier and lighter features (broad little nose, reddish undertones) undoubtedly exhibit a specific Galician - yet rare - flavour which hints to a remote common Atlantic peopling from the British Isles to Portugal.

  • Final morphotypes :

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