Saturday, January 9, 2010

Milan : Lombardy (Italy)

The area of current Lombardy was settled at least since the 2nd millennium BC, as shown by the archaeological findings of ceramics, arrows, axes and carved stones but Milan was founded under the name of Mediolanum by the Insubres, a Celtic people.

The Insubres were a Gaulish population settled in Insubria, in what is now Lombardy. Though ethnically Celtic at the time of Roman conquest, they were most likely the result of the fusion of pre-existing Ligurian, Celtic and Italic population strata with Gaulish tribes who had come from what is now southern France. In 222 BC, the Romans conquered Mediolanum and after several centuries of Roman control, Milan was declared the capital of the Western Roman Empire by Emperor Diocletian in 293 AD. In the summer of 569, the Longobards (from which the name of the Italian region Lombardy derives).

  • Sample :
Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 :
"Naturally" light pigmentation, leptomorphic, narrow eyes, arched nose, large jaws, pointy chin
~ Nordo-Dinarid

That's the quintessential Lombard look. A darker series :

- Type 2 :
Light, brachymorphic, little nose, square-faced, broad forehead, wide-set eyes, large jaws
~ Alpinoid/Subnordid

  • Final morphotypes :


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  2. Your website is a total nonsense. In the regions Lombardy and Piedmont live millions of southern Italians, in cities like Milan and Turin, 80% of people is from the south or is half southern Italian. There are many people with 3 southerner grandparents and 1 northerner grandparents that gave him/her a northern Italian surname. In minor cities and especially in villages the vast majority of people in Lombardy and Piedmont is pure northern Italian. I don't understand your insane passion for anthropology, however you write things you don't even know what you're talking about. Are these photos taken in Milan? They are most likely a mixture of Lombards, Venetians and southern Italians.

  3. Another thing: if you don't live in these cities, you don't know the features of their people just looking at a few pictures you've found online...


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