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La Rioja (Spain)

La Rioja was inhabited by the tribes of the Berones in the Ebro valley, the Autrigones and the Vascones in Low Rioja whose exact borders still are subject to debate. Initially a Navarrese possession, La Rioja was lost in favour of Castile in the XIIth century. It was resurrected as the "Provincia de Logroño" in the XIXth century. The Glosias Emilianenses - glosses written in a Latin codex by a monk from San Millán de la Cogolla - are amongst the first testimonies of both Basque and Ibero-Romance languages. Basque toponymy still is very dense in High Rioja : Ezcaray, Altuzarra, Ayabarrena, ...

  • Sample :
Full Scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 :
Dark, leptomorphic, long nose, close set eyes, angular chin and large jaws
~ Atlanto-Med

A less leptomorphic variant characterized by a more convex nose and a somehow pointy chin can be found as well : this is the type most similar to some neighbouring Basque types.

The classical depigmented variant is common as well which really hints to a plausible Atlantic continuity from Spain to the British Isles.

- Type 2 : Dark, brachymorphic, square-faced, short nose, low wide-set eyes
~ Alpinoid

The following individual is very interesting as he seems to be a mix of both previous types :

  • Final morphotypes :

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